Susan slouched into an empty seat, fagged out. Who would experience all she went through today and not be? She hissed at it all. Jarring herself out of a nascent doze, she sat up. A crazy day is re…


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Self-motivation is not infallible,

Just as writer’s block is not impossible

But thank goodness for friends so laudable

For their encouragements, both silent & audible.


Dedicated to:

Akintunde Aiki, who specifically inspired me to bring this page alive saying, “We wanna read you…on your blog.” Bro, I owe you. 


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Alive but well,…


[To those we lost: Victims of the Dana Airway Plane Crash June 3, 2012]

Metal scraps and body parts,

Jet fuel plus body fluids,

Sudden end to erstwhile beating hearts

And crushing pain my soul exudes.

Minutes earlier they were air-borne

And quite apparently safety-bound

How speedy a transition to “death-borne”!

And never again to walk the ground.

The black box that blackened that Sunday

The engines that grounded prematurely

And darkness exiled the sun from our day

Piercing us badly and much so sorely

Those who formerly were alive and well

– alive but well, [shrugs] and they left

And now in demise they smell and swell

Tossing us into a wide emotional cleft

If life truly owes us nothing

We should be debtors of death neither

But logic or debate shan’t change anything

Breath or Death: We lack control over either.

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The Lord vs. The Laud

At loggerheads since forever: the Word and the World

Just so, things of my Lord versus things men laud

No solution will ever arise for such discord;

It’s like saying sword shouldn’t thirst for blood.


Why trade off salvation’s helmet to procure worldly garment

Thus forfeiting one’s inheritance of an eternal firmament?

It is simply an exchange of the Lord for the laud

Like trading His Fear for Fashion, swapping God for Stud.


If men I ever do seek to please

Then heaven will never be at ease

Why be earth-applauded but heaven-accursed

Abandoning the Almighty for flighty applause?


Why plunge at the offer of worldly acclaim and money,

when Your precepts stay ever sweeter than honey?

Why for attention go I hunting,

when scriptures tell me it amounts to nothing?

And why jostle to top earthly lists and charts,

when eternity’s been placed in my heart of hearts?


Eternity won’t pardon my barter of the Almighty

For worldly toys and trinkets that are far too flighty

And if ever, Creator, I aim at satisfying the world’s view

For a punishment, Maker, keep me perpetually with You!


Case in Point

An attempt at blending or merging the things of God with those of the world will, at best, be a failure. Know on who’s side you belong.


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Her Blush

Ruddy cheeks, red on both sides

Alluring, beautiful with nothing besides

Matching – truly matching – her gown

Nucleus from where her smiles are grown

Why stare at her in a rush?

At her rose-pink cheeks – plum and plush?

All stands still, sounds come to a hush

At the sight of her cute, cute blush.

Penned this at a dinner sometime in mid 2011. Berny Akaeze, how could I have ignored a touch of your blush?

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Diamonds in a Circle (Her Earrings)

Dangling from her ears with no noise

So silent, if it had a mouth there’d be no voice

And resting in a circle so well poised

Admiration? Of course … as if I had a choice!

I’ve seen red diamonds – only in films

Held one or two – only in my dreams

It felt quite good – or so it seems

But with these, my joy-wells fill to their brims

May I compare its shape to the electric bulb?

Or liken its motion to the pendulum bob?

Oops! It even resembles a raindrop

Matchless in comparison –  making this poet wanna sob!

Shaped like, but fairer than, almonds

Away from this sight I couldn’t have turned

’Cause heaven knows I was stunned

Just when I beheld her diamonds.


Describing a classmate’s earring – a single red diamond circumscribed by a silvery/chrome ring. Simply beautiful!


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My heart was racing
And my feelings were pacing
I could feel my head aching
Or what is this that I’m facing?

Is this the opposite of what I think it isn’t?
Or a mixture of what it is and isn’t?
Isn’t this what I don’t think it is?
Or am I losing grip on reality?

I’ve had encounters making my heart skip
But memory of none did I ever keep;
Seen images that made my emotions leap
But never had one this deep.

Was it her queenly entrance that gulped all attention?
Or her gliding carriage, louder than ostentation?
Or why did her presence become everyone’s preoccupation?
‘Cause it all happened, not in real time, but in slow motion

Who I saw swallowed what I envisaged
My heart muscles slowed rather than accelerate;
Then my heartbeat slammed on its brake,
And for a moment, my heart went on a break…

Cardinal Question

Now, who says a heart-break isn’t good?


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