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Eulogistic; lauds the aura of something or someone


Self-motivation is not infallible,

Just as writer’s block is not impossible

But thank goodness for friends so laudable

For their encouragements, both silent & audible.


Dedicated to:

Akintunde Aiki, who specifically inspired me to bring this page alive saying, “We wanna read you…on your blog.” Bro, I owe you. 


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Her Blush

Ruddy cheeks, red on both sides

Alluring, beautiful with nothing besides

Matching – truly matching – her gown

Nucleus from where her smiles are grown

Why stare at her in a rush?

At her rose-pink cheeks – plum and plush?

All stands still, sounds come to a hush

At the sight of her cute, cute blush.

Penned this at a dinner sometime in mid 2011. Berny Akaeze, how could I have ignored a touch of your blush?

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Diamonds in a Circle (Her Earrings)

Dangling from her ears with no noise

So silent, if it had a mouth there’d be no voice

And resting in a circle so well poised

Admiration? Of course … as if I had a choice!

I’ve seen red diamonds – only in films

Held one or two – only in my dreams

It felt quite good – or so it seems

But with these, my joy-wells fill to their brims

May I compare its shape to the electric bulb?

Or liken its motion to the pendulum bob?

Oops! It even resembles a raindrop

Matchless in comparison –  making this poet wanna sob!

Shaped like, but fairer than, almonds

Away from this sight I couldn’t have turned

’Cause heaven knows I was stunned

Just when I beheld her diamonds.


Describing a classmate’s earring – a single red diamond circumscribed by a silvery/chrome ring. Simply beautiful!


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Her Smile

The way it blooms makes everything okay

When she beams, troubles fade away

And when she speaks – oh my! – even the winds obey

What facial gesture that lingers all day.



…just a smile.


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Always had I wondered its possibility

iDeally, few people acknowledge its plausibility:

thE possibility of a pristine boy-girl friendship,

and Obdurate exclusion of a relationship.

thus Left with my honest conclusion

jokes Apart, from experience you’re an exception.

I thought there was none
But found you as one.

This is a special piece for a friend. The letters in bold spell out her name. I dedicate this year’s val’s day to her.  Oops, I almost forgot, Happy Val’s day world.

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