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A Clinical Lie

Fear was my captor
So I was afraid
I became a play actor
So I said what I said

The tutor was sketching a graph
Hadn’t even gone midway
And my mouth opened in half
And I said what I did say

She asked if anyone knew it
If the sketch anyone could decipher
Self-restraint left me, damn it!
So I blurted a thoughtless answer

Angered, she turned and queried
“Who said yes?”
Honesty deserted me; the truth I buried
And I told a lie with no stress!

How can anyone ever know such?
A blank graph – bearing nothing
Why couldn’t I keep hush
Holding my tongue than saying something?

I lied against a friend plus the board marker
A lie I told in Clinical class
To escape some scolding thereafter
I lied – without thinking or doing any maths

Behind the Sin
This happened in Clinical Pharmacy class (CLI 401) few days back. I was froward in answering a question that has not been completely asked.  Fear of being sent out of class or labelled for bad drove me to lie about what answer I had provided; I told the tutor that I was informing my classmate that the board marker was writing properly!  I was so sorry for the fib.


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