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Squeezed naira notes changing hands,
And the recipient nodding thanks,
For favours I see folks playing smart;
Then it registers that corruption is but an art.

Foundation of marriage laid on bribery
Social vice dragged from office, bank to even registry!
Remorseless crime committed with courage
Alongside family, bridal train and entourage.

What if some day the matrimony ends in acrimony?
Today it’s bride price, tomorrow it may be alimony
Or can’t the union they hastened and had by force
Somehow, someday end in tearful divorce?

And the bribe-taker boasting, “I don hammer”
Little seems to know what some call karma
The ill-gotten wealth that now feels so sweet
May soon help fund your burial down six feet.

Where on earth are we rushing to?
“Oh! Opportunities come once,” says who?
See, though long and endless may seem the queue
It’ll surely be your turn when time is due.


Behind the Sin

Was the best man at a registry wedding where bridegrooms – sorry bribegrooms – and brides bribed their way into being joined ahead of others that arrived much earlier. Corruption without ambits!



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Heaviness it is, far beyond measure
Weighty but sacred as a treasure
Sensitive to my every move
Right here in the gravid subjects’ grove

Heavier and much heavier it grows by the day
Close am I to delivery, I daresay
Contents of mine closer to contraction
Than to their implantation
Many times birth pains I get
But always I hear, “Not yet”

This thing I once tried flushing
But was told it’ll fetch shame plus blushing
Would have evacuated my insides
But did not for fear of infanticide
My issue, verily is of celestial paternity
And sure may turn me a celebrity
My eyes plus ears will roam the world over
And pen will bring it all home on paper
I pray never to recover from the symptom
Of the one-poem-a-day syndrome
Much I’ve got to say
But due to my condition I’ll put it this way:

I’ll soon go into labour
All I seek is God’s own favour
‘Cause I’m pregnant with many an idea
And my delivery, folks, is near


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The Zero Prefix

Took sometime to see the link

A regular attachment to most scores

Indited in red, red ink

Ink of the pen of our tutors


Test results of a strange kind

Uniform failure ransacking my class

Disappointment streaming through every mind

As brainy folks flop in mass


Zero preceding the true figure

Zero with ears, eyes, and earpiece!

Zero we scored as if for pleasure

Zero-twos, zero-nines, zero-fives, heaven please!


How about organizing a marriage then?

A union of our books and our brain

Let’s take revenge, ladies and gentlemen

That zero never stains our scripts again.



We failed Pharmaceutical Chemistry (PCH 401) en masse. An encouragement to my classmates… and my self.


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A Clinical Lie

Fear was my captor
So I was afraid
I became a play actor
So I said what I said

The tutor was sketching a graph
Hadn’t even gone midway
And my mouth opened in half
And I said what I did say

She asked if anyone knew it
If the sketch anyone could decipher
Self-restraint left me, damn it!
So I blurted a thoughtless answer

Angered, she turned and queried
“Who said yes?”
Honesty deserted me; the truth I buried
And I told a lie with no stress!

How can anyone ever know such?
A blank graph – bearing nothing
Why couldn’t I keep hush
Holding my tongue than saying something?

I lied against a friend plus the board marker
A lie I told in Clinical class
To escape some scolding thereafter
I lied – without thinking or doing any maths

Behind the Sin
This happened in Clinical Pharmacy class (CLI 401) few days back. I was froward in answering a question that has not been completely asked.  Fear of being sent out of class or labelled for bad drove me to lie about what answer I had provided; I told the tutor that I was informing my classmate that the board marker was writing properly!  I was so sorry for the fib.


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