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Purple Hibiscus

Flowery top gracing a lanky physique
Patterned wear to which my gaze did stick
Catchy colour – a nice shade of violet
Noiseless and gentle, not in any way violent

Small, visible petals strewn all over
I kept spying like an undercover
That it’s lovely isn’t fit for discourse:
This piece of fabric, like a purple hibiscus.

My coursemate and classmate came to class in an attractive purple top.  I was enthralled and scribbled this.

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Scent of scents, gentle as a lullaby
Just as a human frame swept by
Wisps of fragrance attending to each nostril
From a source less imaginary than real

Cologne reaching out beyond its bottle
From her to me it does shuttle
Squirts of spray permeating my psyche
With an aura that’s purely cyclic

My person – not merely my skin – it saturates
Soulful sentiments it simply actuates
Two minds maintaining touch-less contact
It’s telepathy of a sort, in fact

Split-second euphoria – swift and stark
An experience of which I desire a comeback
‘Cause I was touched – not by fingers
But by her fragrance that lingers.

This is a tale of a perfume-induced lofty feeling. Happened in a jiffy, hence
Split-second euphoria” (last verse). Transpired sometime last week in class.

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Always had I wondered its possibility

iDeally, few people acknowledge its plausibility:

thE possibility of a pristine boy-girl friendship,

and Obdurate exclusion of a relationship.

thus Left with my honest conclusion

jokes Apart, from experience you’re an exception.

I thought there was none
But found you as one.

This is a special piece for a friend. The letters in bold spell out her name. I dedicate this year’s val’s day to her.  Oops, I almost forgot, Happy Val’s day world.

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Her Hair

Resting on her head with no fear

Packed with skill, caution and care

And running right beyond her ear

It thrills everyone, even the air

Dazzled I was, sitting right there

Gaping at her straight, long hair.


I scribbled this hurriedly one morning for a girl I hardly knew in Biochemistry class while in 300Level (2010). Obsession is a young man’s game, folks.

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