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Saturday the 17th

Last plate emptied, the last drink drunk

Music has stopped playing, the last song sung

Last visitor’s gone downstairs, last well-wisher zoomed off

Bridal train’s just left; the best man just took off his gloves


Taking in the spectacle of the so-empty, now-quiet hall

– soiled serviette, disarranged chairs, food-stained cutlery and all,

The silence reminds me it’s all over with the ceremony

To be continued by a longer, endless phase: Matrimony


Church service will end, dancing will cease at reception

But who should fall for the deception

That it all ended when the audience departed?

Wedding whispers only ended, the marriage music just started


Watching her leave felt downright sinister

But which would be better for my lovely sister:

To remain a dad-sponsored, mom-fed spinster

Or to become a blessed soul mate of a minister?


A memorable mix of feelings I won’t stop to remember

Ring on the fourth finger of a favourite family member!

And in the bottom-right corner of my cherished calendar

The date reads, Saturday the 17th, sometimes in December.



An emotion-driven yet reality-stricken me describing the memorable wedding of my sweetheart (sister).  Deep and sentimental as my love for her is, there’s no denying the reality that we both can’t stay together (same status, same place, same etc) for life. Life isn’t designed to be static and we aren’t either. Happy Married Life, sweetheart.


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The Wednesday Before Christmas

Bowl of joy garnished with grief

Bland emotions – bland beyond belief

Or why should the loss of a dear one

Wrestle with the birth of God’s son?


If prayer could be offered for the dead

My missive to heaven would have read:

                Would it ever cost you a dime

                To send her down just one time

                That I may relish one final session

                In Lexis, in Structure, in Summary, in Comprehension… ?

                Please – one final, endless lecture in English?

                But no, heaven isn’t prodigal to grant every wish.


But how would a tutor of my favourite subject

Abruptly become Death’s prime target?

And why, I asked, of all Diseases, cancer?

But Diseases were mute and Death gave no answer.



This is dedicated to Mrs. Boladale a teacher of my favorite subject in secondary school (English Language).  She left the scene on 22nd December, 2010 – the Wednesday before Christmas.

R. I. P.

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Squeezed naira notes changing hands,
And the recipient nodding thanks,
For favours I see folks playing smart;
Then it registers that corruption is but an art.

Foundation of marriage laid on bribery
Social vice dragged from office, bank to even registry!
Remorseless crime committed with courage
Alongside family, bridal train and entourage.

What if some day the matrimony ends in acrimony?
Today it’s bride price, tomorrow it may be alimony
Or can’t the union they hastened and had by force
Somehow, someday end in tearful divorce?

And the bribe-taker boasting, “I don hammer”
Little seems to know what some call karma
The ill-gotten wealth that now feels so sweet
May soon help fund your burial down six feet.

Where on earth are we rushing to?
“Oh! Opportunities come once,” says who?
See, though long and endless may seem the queue
It’ll surely be your turn when time is due.


Behind the Sin

Was the best man at a registry wedding where bridegrooms – sorry bribegrooms – and brides bribed their way into being joined ahead of others that arrived much earlier. Corruption without ambits!



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