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The Zero Prefix

Took sometime to see the link

A regular attachment to most scores

Indited in red, red ink

Ink of the pen of our tutors


Test results of a strange kind

Uniform failure ransacking my class

Disappointment streaming through every mind

As brainy folks flop in mass


Zero preceding the true figure

Zero with ears, eyes, and earpiece!

Zero we scored as if for pleasure

Zero-twos, zero-nines, zero-fives, heaven please!


How about organizing a marriage then?

A union of our books and our brain

Let’s take revenge, ladies and gentlemen

That zero never stains our scripts again.



We failed Pharmaceutical Chemistry (PCH 401) en masse. An encouragement to my classmates… and my self.


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Her Eyes

Pearly and piercing, innocent and intact

And I wondered in fact

How does one have eyes like that?

Till I told myself, “She robbed the cat.”


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