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Wonderful, beautiful night it was

My being was vibrant, of course

The first number in “Contacts” I dialed

I called, defying that I was tired

In no time her voice came in

Sounded happy, I felt the same thing

Happy, friendly, approachable voice

I was glad beyond description, had no choice

Why? The previous night was different

She was drowsy, barely audible and reticent

We exchanged pleasantries and got talking

And it tagged along here

‘Twas all exciting with her “hmms,” and “ahs”

Whether to express surprise or disbelief

Heaven knows I experienced relief

That an old friend could in fact

Welcome me back just like that!

Such hospitality is quite rare

Scarce indeed – either here or there

Forgiveness of neglect I canvassed for

This she had already granted before

She rendered the chat so, so sizzling

Her giggles and laughter sent me reeling

My best discourse in a very long time

After all, warmth and friendship ain’t crime

We didn’t but talk about everything

From school to family to everything

‘Twas interesting, fulfilling with no fright

Until just one question upturned the night…



It’s a story of misconception of intentions and misinterpretation of motives.  Took place sometimes in 2008. Make sure you read through the series (She was just 22 and My Resolution)

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SO LONG A NIGHT II (She Was Just 22)

I told her her laughter was contagious

She agreed with honesty so conspicuous

My words were free, devoid of pretense

Of course, the air was conducive, not tense

Couldn’t, didn’t, never flattered her

I was myself, God sees my heart

Truth be told, I was wholly unpretentious

Sincere but not at all sententious

What’s more, my diction she commended

All through no party was offended

Her openness I matchlessly cherished

Fascinating conversation – smoother than cherries

‘Twas really a fun-filled night

No resentment, quarrel or fight

She was generous with time and speech

And was comfortable with each

No doubt, monotony was nonexistent

Just because she was coordinated and consistent

Thought the ‘network’ wasn’t corresponding

She was simply carefree and understanding

Then came that sorry hour

When the talk just turned sour

Why were my intentions misinterpreted?

Or was my motive misdirected?

Anyway, she had asked for my age

I wondered the relevance at that stage

Pronto, I knew where she was headed

I felt lifeless like I was beheaded

I suggested a trade-by-barter

A honest exchange of personal data

Truthfully, I said I was seventeen plus two

She said she was twenty-four minus two

Then began the turbulent storm

Sending us back to where we came from

My sincerity landed me in trouble

My plainness fetched me emotional hassles

She changed both in attitude and disposition

Worriedly I changed my sitting position

She said I had a motive so ulterior

Immediately I began to feel inferior

She said I had something concealed

My insides wobbled, my spine congealed

She said she knew my type

She wants no more of my hype

That guys are all the same

Devious and fond of games

I didn’t know whether to weep or yell

Minutes before, paradise I was, not hell!

God, this is open-eyed misconception

You know I exhibit no deception

All on the spur of the moment

Her accusation changed the event

Wait a minute, I never demanded a relationship

Or is age a barrier to friendship?

Gosh! Can’t opposite sexes operate on free minds

Or are there no such kinds?

Lord, please correct her wrong notion

And heal my hurting emotion

I’m a friend, not an intending lover

But she flared up, blowing her cover.


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SO LONG A NIGHT III (My Resolution)

I’m not happy a tad

Victim of a conversation gone bad

I dropped my phone – blank and washed-up

Confused, I couldn’t but shut up

Does being yourself pay any more

No, it doesn’t; not at all

She said I was just flirting

Me flirting? I’ve begun irking

My heart is hardening God have mercy

I now know honesty is messy

Henceforth, I’ll be insincere and pretentious

Yes. I hereby adopt flattery plus deception

This is my irrevocable revolution

My satisfactorily tried-and-tested resolution.


            Since for honesty I’ve become jittery

            My sincerity is now history.

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Lonely chap that I am so, so drear

This incubus’ weight I can hardly bear

But when a little further I daren’t persevere

Then my inner self came on air.


I truly crave a worthy compeer

With intent to parade some care

And truly show it’s real, not mere

To stroke a head and tousle some hair

But he says, “Not now, not here.

Puzzled, I question: “Then where?”

Response filters to my turgid ear:


“Some other place not this lair

A place it is you’ll freely breathe air,

When to you a queen she’ll be without fear

No one save her will be your dear

Noiseless affection ’twill be, far beyond compare

Who with a kiss you’ll ask how she does fare

The scenario’ll tell her she needn’t despair

The interplay of charm, much too rare

With your love-bond will nothing interfere

Oh! What perfect intrigue needing no repair

You’ll marvel how life could be so fair

The who, where and when are just so near.”

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