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Carefully crafted event, much too scarce

Ho! So unheard-of that many think it’s farce

Really, a king is born in the stable of an ass

In swaddling clothes mingled with grass

See, love it is, extended to every age and class

That Christ’s here to save sinners en masse

Man or woman, lad or lass

And that just defines Christmas:

Story defying logic and maths


This piece is an acrostic – each line beginning with the successive letters of


Merry Xmas to all.

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haCk the herald, angels sing

The grandest breach of common sense

An ethereal scheme, simple yet condensed

Mary’s become a divine transport medium

Virgin turned operating system

Hacked by the owner Himself

What divine disregard for the precepts of self! 

Ctrl C and Ctrl P exerted on a human being

Copied from heaven, pasted in Mary – so unseen!

Divine file installed in a pristine damsel

Her womb: Destination folder of a heavenly parcel

Pregnancy it is, never to become corrupt

Not even cyclic redundancy dare interrupt

So let the angels swarm and sing

Of the programming of such a thing:

An outright evasion of human Firewall

Slithering through system scan and all

A program file not of an open source

Unimagined source code, of course

And the Saviour’s become the input data

– the soft copy of the Christmas saga


The Gospel according to Computer; the Christmas story from a hacker’s perspective hence the use of such jargon as soft copy, source code, Firewall, cyclic redundancy, destination folder etc.


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