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The Lord vs. The Laud

At loggerheads since forever: the Word and the World

Just so, things of my Lord versus things men laud

No solution will ever arise for such discord;

It’s like saying sword shouldn’t thirst for blood.


Why trade off salvation’s helmet to procure worldly garment

Thus forfeiting one’s inheritance of an eternal firmament?

It is simply an exchange of the Lord for the laud

Like trading His Fear for Fashion, swapping God for Stud.


If men I ever do seek to please

Then heaven will never be at ease

Why be earth-applauded but heaven-accursed

Abandoning the Almighty for flighty applause?


Why plunge at the offer of worldly acclaim and money,

when Your precepts stay ever sweeter than honey?

Why for attention go I hunting,

when scriptures tell me it amounts to nothing?

And why jostle to top earthly lists and charts,

when eternity’s been placed in my heart of hearts?


Eternity won’t pardon my barter of the Almighty

For worldly toys and trinkets that are far too flighty

And if ever, Creator, I aim at satisfying the world’s view

For a punishment, Maker, keep me perpetually with You!


Case in Point

An attempt at blending or merging the things of God with those of the world will, at best, be a failure. Know on who’s side you belong.


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Not Without A Word

Left to me, never would I quit this place
But trying to make ends meet replaced seeing your face
If I had my way, I’d rather stay this way
But I dashed out, not hearing what you had to say

Pardon my ignorance, forgive my neglect
Excuse my indiscretion and lack of respect
Or why should I struggle to make a living
As the son of the author of life and living?

So before I wade into today and join the throng
I’ll read The Word, pray and to You sing a song
‘Cause who knows when next You’ll see me coming
Too bad, it might be the next morning!

A word is all I need to navigate life’s terrain
And so why from hearing You should I refrain?
Therefore, Lord, please let this be on record:
I’ll go each day, but not without Your Word.


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Improper Fraction

Arithmetic calls it Numerator > Denominator
Speaking of me and my Creator
Sweet union of lopsided duo
As the larger being stoops down low 

Whale and snail relationship
Divinely plausible, humanly impossible companionship
Midget I am, through and through
Mighty He is, true and true

Of what sense is a mustard to a mountain
Or of a drop of water to a fountain?
Of what proportion is a star to a constellation?
See, I as a dot of Him – an exaggerated appellation

From Him excess affection I do earn
And in Him I did so learn
That love isn’t take and give
But rather, give and give…

What wondrous, illogical combination
What alarming, unbalanced equation
That an infinite He
Condescends to a finite me!

Simply, How great God is!

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There Alone

A place of solitude
A height of matchless altitude
Unhindered privacy with Him
Time of refreshing right from within

Period of and for purposeful seclusion
All doubts to clear plus every confusion
Withdrawal from routine for many a mile
Just to come aside and rest a while

Absolution from life’s endless labyrinth
Emancipation from the spell of routine and jinx
From an endless, senseless race against time
That daily leaves us fagged and spattered with grime

It’s where many a desire stands to be granted
Where my skewed thoughts are no more slanted
And though lonesome a venue and devoid of audience
Alone with Him renews me – body, spirit and conscience.

Nothing sounds sweeter in tone
Than to be with my Lord alone


This piece is an amplification of Matthew 14:23 (NIV).  Naturally and usually, the best inspiration and invigoration come in quiet ways in quiet places from a noiseless mind – how much more if God’s not absent!

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