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My heart was racing
And my feelings were pacing
I could feel my head aching
Or what is this that I’m facing?

Is this the opposite of what I think it isn’t?
Or a mixture of what it is and isn’t?
Isn’t this what I don’t think it is?
Or am I losing grip on reality?

I’ve had encounters making my heart skip
But memory of none did I ever keep;
Seen images that made my emotions leap
But never had one this deep.

Was it her queenly entrance that gulped all attention?
Or her gliding carriage, louder than ostentation?
Or why did her presence become everyone’s preoccupation?
‘Cause it all happened, not in real time, but in slow motion

Who I saw swallowed what I envisaged
My heart muscles slowed rather than accelerate;
Then my heartbeat slammed on its brake,
And for a moment, my heart went on a break…

Cardinal Question

Now, who says a heart-break isn’t good?


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Her Hair

Resting on her head with no fear

Packed with skill, caution and care

And running right beyond her ear

It thrills everyone, even the air

Dazzled I was, sitting right there

Gaping at her straight, long hair.


I scribbled this hurriedly one morning for a girl I hardly knew in Biochemistry class while in 300Level (2010). Obsession is a young man’s game, folks.

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