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My heart was racing
And my feelings were pacing
I could feel my head aching
Or what is this that I’m facing?

Is this the opposite of what I think it isn’t?
Or a mixture of what it is and isn’t?
Isn’t this what I don’t think it is?
Or am I losing grip on reality?

I’ve had encounters making my heart skip
But memory of none did I ever keep;
Seen images that made my emotions leap
But never had one this deep.

Was it her queenly entrance that gulped all attention?
Or her gliding carriage, louder than ostentation?
Or why did her presence become everyone’s preoccupation?
‘Cause it all happened, not in real time, but in slow motion

Who I saw swallowed what I envisaged
My heart muscles slowed rather than accelerate;
Then my heartbeat slammed on its brake,
And for a moment, my heart went on a break…

Cardinal Question

Now, who says a heart-break isn’t good?


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Not Without A Word

Left to me, never would I quit this place
But trying to make ends meet replaced seeing your face
If I had my way, I’d rather stay this way
But I dashed out, not hearing what you had to say

Pardon my ignorance, forgive my neglect
Excuse my indiscretion and lack of respect
Or why should I struggle to make a living
As the son of the author of life and living?

So before I wade into today and join the throng
I’ll read The Word, pray and to You sing a song
‘Cause who knows when next You’ll see me coming
Too bad, it might be the next morning!

A word is all I need to navigate life’s terrain
And so why from hearing You should I refrain?
Therefore, Lord, please let this be on record:
I’ll go each day, but not without Your Word.


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Out of Curiosity

Many a liking comes with an expiry date
As affection slowly mutates into hate
But here’s truth in its birthday suit alone:
Love is commitment in action not just in tone.

I’m aware those pearly eyes will lose their sparkle;
The smile in the corners of that mouth may no longer dazzle.
I know that velvety skin shall wrinkle into a crease,
And that bosom will no longer catch men’s fancies.

But though you change the frame,
The picture surely remains the same.
So, wondering if I’ll stop loving you, later or soon
Is like wishing the sun will replace the moon

So we’ll remain, after no more valentines can be celebrated
We’ll linger, even after no anniversaries will be commemorated.
Beyond the fleeting boyish passions and fading girlish emotions,
Tireless affection it will be, raging angrier than the oceans.

Ours will be an airtight love-bond, lacking in porosity
Extending beyond finiteness and right into infinity
So if out of curiosity you ask when I’ll stop loving you, Sweetie
My sincere reply would be, “On the day after eternity”


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