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Improper Fraction

Arithmetic calls it Numerator > Denominator
Speaking of me and my Creator
Sweet union of lopsided duo
As the larger being stoops down low 

Whale and snail relationship
Divinely plausible, humanly impossible companionship
Midget I am, through and through
Mighty He is, true and true

Of what sense is a mustard to a mountain
Or of a drop of water to a fountain?
Of what proportion is a star to a constellation?
See, I as a dot of Him – an exaggerated appellation

From Him excess affection I do earn
And in Him I did so learn
That love isn’t take and give
But rather, give and give…

What wondrous, illogical combination
What alarming, unbalanced equation
That an infinite He
Condescends to a finite me!

Simply, How great God is!

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