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Alive but well,…


[To those we lost: Victims of the Dana Airway Plane Crash June 3, 2012]

Metal scraps and body parts,

Jet fuel plus body fluids,

Sudden end to erstwhile beating hearts

And crushing pain my soul exudes.

Minutes earlier they were air-borne

And quite apparently safety-bound

How speedy a transition to “death-borne”!

And never again to walk the ground.

The black box that blackened that Sunday

The engines that grounded prematurely

And darkness exiled the sun from our day

Piercing us badly and much so sorely

Those who formerly were alive and well

– alive but well, [shrugs] and they left

And now in demise they smell and swell

Tossing us into a wide emotional cleft

If life truly owes us nothing

We should be debtors of death neither

But logic or debate shan’t change anything

Breath or Death: We lack control over either.

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