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Her Smile

The way it blooms makes everything okay

When she beams, troubles fade away

And when she speaks – oh my! – even the winds obey

What facial gesture that lingers all day.



…just a smile.


Posted by on July 15, 2011 in Panegyric



Heaviness it is, far beyond measure
Weighty but sacred as a treasure
Sensitive to my every move
Right here in the gravid subjects’ grove

Heavier and much heavier it grows by the day
Close am I to delivery, I daresay
Contents of mine closer to contraction
Than to their implantation
Many times birth pains I get
But always I hear, “Not yet”

This thing I once tried flushing
But was told it’ll fetch shame plus blushing
Would have evacuated my insides
But did not for fear of infanticide
My issue, verily is of celestial paternity
And sure may turn me a celebrity
My eyes plus ears will roam the world over
And pen will bring it all home on paper
I pray never to recover from the symptom
Of the one-poem-a-day syndrome
Much I’ve got to say
But due to my condition I’ll put it this way:

I’ll soon go into labour
All I seek is God’s own favour
‘Cause I’m pregnant with many an idea
And my delivery, folks, is near


Posted by on July 12, 2011 in Miscellaneous

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