“Full-Hell” Subsidy Removal

04 Jan

Last time I checked, features of a leader

Include putting priorities in right order

Even the dictionary puts “security” before “subsidy”

Unless those countless lost lives elicit no sympathy


When a bomb blast per day is almost always certain

Should not peace a reasonable government try to regain?

From more demises should not a wise regime refrain?

No! Only fuel subsidy removal can they entertain.

Do we need be told priorities are misplaced again?

Phew! 24-hour power supply we cannot even sustain


What an ill-timed, ill-favored, ill-advised polity!

Relishing the populace’s discomfort via mindless politics,

When education’s moribund, power: powerless, security: porous

Is there a better description than “loss of focus”?


Presidency sanctions subsidy removal like it was concluded

Yet the House claim the contrary like they were deluded

Please, who is fooling who?

Masses, though distressed, are discerning too

On 4th, nation is agog yet Senators won’t sit till 10th January

What happened to emergency sitting? No, their focus is contrary!


4 – 10! 7 days for the masses to graduate from groan to yell

Such political intention even an infant can readily tell

Draining the masses to enjoy more luxury?

Oppression has never sung a sweeter melody;

Because to me, removal of fuel subsidy

Presently, is nothing but fun-less comedy.



I simply don’t see the need for any subsidy removal when there is nothing to show for the past years yet. (How sure the proceeds from the subsidy removal won’t be siphoned as usual?) This is it: Let government fix power first, at least the masses whose means of livelihood depend directly on electricity will have a better quality of life. ASUU’s currently on strike, Boko Haram is ravaging the nation.  I mean we have huge-enough concerns and priorities at present than to place subsidy first.

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One response to ““Full-Hell” Subsidy Removal

  1. hasarla

    January 4, 2012 at 7:21 pm

    subsidy must go, that is a fact.
    But the timing is just not right.
    There are things to be put in place first.
    So that things move smoothly along. Its not about the subsidy removal bro. Its about the timing.
    Nice piece as always


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