15 Jan

Wonderful, beautiful night it was

My being was vibrant, of course

The first number in “Contacts” I dialed

I called, defying that I was tired

In no time her voice came in

Sounded happy, I felt the same thing

Happy, friendly, approachable voice

I was glad beyond description, had no choice

Why? The previous night was different

She was drowsy, barely audible and reticent

We exchanged pleasantries and got talking

And it tagged along here

‘Twas all exciting with her “hmms,” and “ahs”

Whether to express surprise or disbelief

Heaven knows I experienced relief

That an old friend could in fact

Welcome me back just like that!

Such hospitality is quite rare

Scarce indeed – either here or there

Forgiveness of neglect I canvassed for

This she had already granted before

She rendered the chat so, so sizzling

Her giggles and laughter sent me reeling

My best discourse in a very long time

After all, warmth and friendship ain’t crime

We didn’t but talk about everything

From school to family to everything

‘Twas interesting, fulfilling with no fright

Until just one question upturned the night…



It’s a story of misconception of intentions and misinterpretation of motives.  Took place sometimes in 2008. Make sure you read through the series (She was just 22 and My Resolution)

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Posted by on January 15, 2011 in Sentimental


One response to “SO LONG A NIGHT

  1. Tega

    January 16, 2011 at 12:48 am

    Bunmi ..this is good…..Thumbs up man


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