15 Jan

Lonely chap that I am so, so drear

This incubus’ weight I can hardly bear

But when a little further I daren’t persevere

Then my inner self came on air.


I truly crave a worthy compeer

With intent to parade some care

And truly show it’s real, not mere

To stroke a head and tousle some hair

But he says, “Not now, not here.

Puzzled, I question: “Then where?”

Response filters to my turgid ear:


“Some other place not this lair

A place it is you’ll freely breathe air,

When to you a queen she’ll be without fear

No one save her will be your dear

Noiseless affection ’twill be, far beyond compare

Who with a kiss you’ll ask how she does fare

The scenario’ll tell her she needn’t despair

The interplay of charm, much too rare

With your love-bond will nothing interfere

Oh! What perfect intrigue needing no repair

You’ll marvel how life could be so fair

The who, where and when are just so near.”

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Posted by on January 15, 2011 in Sentimental


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