There Alone

17 Dec

A place of solitude
A height of matchless altitude
Unhindered privacy with Him
Time of refreshing right from within

Period of and for purposeful seclusion
All doubts to clear plus every confusion
Withdrawal from routine for many a mile
Just to come aside and rest a while

Absolution from life’s endless labyrinth
Emancipation from the spell of routine and jinx
From an endless, senseless race against time
That daily leaves us fagged and spattered with grime

It’s where many a desire stands to be granted
Where my skewed thoughts are no more slanted
And though lonesome a venue and devoid of audience
Alone with Him renews me – body, spirit and conscience.

Nothing sounds sweeter in tone
Than to be with my Lord alone


This piece is an amplification of Matthew 14:23 (NIV).  Naturally and usually, the best inspiration and invigoration come in quiet ways in quiet places from a noiseless mind – how much more if God’s not absent!

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Posted by on December 17, 2010 in Religious


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